Hanyš – Jeřábnické práce, s.r.o., currently has 50 LIEBHERR cranes and 19 special low-loading trailers GOLDHOFER for heavy transport. Due to this, we are capable of providing both crane work and transport services for large numbers of customers simultaneously.

Our company headquarters are in Radonice (Prague - East). However, we have one more branch office in Prague, located in Jeremiášova Street (Prague - West), and outside Prague we offer our services in 6 more branch offices, each with its own fleet. Our associates are available for you in Plzeň, Liberec, Hradec Králové, Brno, Ostrava and České Budějovice. Thanks to our branch office in Bratislava, we are capable of serving our Slovak customers without difficulty.

Continuous improvement of services provided and adherence to occupational safety regulations are our long-term priorities. We have decided to improve our Management System under ISO 9001 and our Occupational Health and Safety System under OHSAS 18001.


Our main line of business is currently crane work and heavy transport. Besides these two main services, we offer our customers many auxiliary services as well. They include, for example, arrangement of all formalities, development of drawings and project documentation in DWG, and load storage on our own premises, as well as professional coordination throughout the project.


Why choose just us?

  • trained staff and professional operators of all the available equipment

  • quality and affordable consultation on crane work and transport

  • 24/7 telephone hotline

  • modern and regularly maintained fleet

  • we arrange all the paperwork related to crane transport and heavy transport, you don’t have to concern yourself with any of it

  • we comply with all safe work systems, as well as environmental and fire standards

  • all that at very affordable prices


Try our services today, just like hundreds of satisfied customers before you!