Ever since our establishment in 1991, our primary goal has been customer satisfaction, and to this end we have tried to provide quality, comprehensive and, above all, affordable services. We have been able to reach this goal thanks to our team of qualified and experienced professionals, guaranteeing compliance with the strictest requirements on the quality and safety of the services provided. We are very strict in our adherence to all legislative regulations and environmental protection principles.


We try to create such working conditions for our employees that they are content with us, and do not consider their job to be mere “employment”. We try to educate our employees, and send them to professional training courses where they can expand their qualifications and education. We also try to motivate them with options for personal growth and continuous modernisation of the work environment.


It is our long-term goal to expand our geographical scope, availability, market position and sustainability of the quality services provided for all our customers. Our additional long-term goals include upgrading our fleet and expanding our offer of crane and transport equipment.


We are not indifferent to the environment in which we live, so we try every year to take the greatest possible step forward to help tackle global environmental problems.