Mr. Rostislav Hanyš, the company’s founder and owner, has focused intensively on the field of crane work since 1991. In 2005, he established the company Hanyš – Jeřábnické práce, s.r.o., which took over his business and has provided crane work and heavy transport to this day.

The company was founded as a purely Czech company, and has insisted on that idea. The company’s primary objective is to provide its customers with quality and affordable services in not only crane work, but also heavy load transport. Naturally, the company also provides expert consultation in these areas.

In its early years, the company’s main line of business was crane work. As the customers’ demands and popularity grew, we increased not only the number of cranes but also their lifting capacity. As a result of that, we gradually expanded our services in heavy transport, which we have focused on since 2002, as well as our competitive advantage due to our more comprehensive customer services.

Our main line of business is currently crane work and heavy transport. Besides these two main services, we offer our customers many auxiliary services as well. They include, for example, arrangement of all formalities, development of drawings and project documentation in DWG, load storage on our own premises, and professional coordination throughout the project.

Over several years, we have opened additional branch offices, each with its own fleet and equipment, and not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia. Thanks to our own extensive network of branch offices, we can now provide our services for larger numbers of customers simultaneously.


Overview of our branch office openings:

2022 Temelín

2022 Dukovany

2022 Mělník

2021 Zlín

2021 Otrokovice

2021 Přerov

2021 Pardubice

2021 Kladno

2021 Chomutov

2020 Olomouc

2020 Štětí

2020 Lovosice

2020 Ústí nad Labem

2019 Litvínov

2019 Jihlava

2014 Prague - West

2010 Our own company headquarters built in Radonice

2009 České Budějovice

2008 Bratislava

2006 Liberec

2002 Plzeň

2001 Ostrava

2000 Hradec Králové

1994 Brno